Local Connection: Natural Disasters in the Islands

Local Connection: Natural Disasters in the Islands
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

In the last few weeks, our state has been hammered by natural disasters at the north and south ends of the main islands.

The Kauai flooding and the Kilauea lava breakouts in the Leilani Estates subdivision were extreme and extremely dangerous because the impact was impossible to predict with any precision.

Those of us who have lived here long enough don't need reminders of how unpredictable and dangerous nature can be in a volcanic, tropical state, isolated in the middle of the ocean.

We all know that none of us are safe from these kinds of unpredictable events. We can only be thankful that there has been no loss of life – which is no doubt due to the continuous state of vigilance that is part of life in Hawaii.

While these events demand a government that is ready and responsive, it should not be forgotten that we as a people have the  responsibility to take care of ourselves and our huge visitor population.

For those impacted directly, the loss and damage to homes and property is tragic and we wish you fast recovery – both physically and emotionally.

And for the rest of us, let's support our neighbors for who knows when we will be depending on them to support us.

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