Photographer who makes his living shooting lava could lose his home to it

HILO, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mick Kalber has been filming Kilauea flows since the 1980s, when lava consumed the town of Kalapana.

But what has been his livelihood for decades could now be what takes his life's possessions.

Kalber and his wife, Ann, are residents of Leilani Estates and evacuated over the weekend.

"It was so weird to be in that situation," Kalber said, from his daughter's home in Hilo.

Kalber owns Tropical Visions Video, Inc. His breathtaking video has made headlines all over the world.

From fountains of lava shooting in the air, to the "smiley face" in the lava lake, Kalber is not letting the threat of losing his home stop him from his work.

He is still flying a chopper with Paradise Helicopters, almost daily documenting the events happening in his subdivision. He admits, though, that he keeps an eye on his property while up there.

Kalber used to push the limits, getting so close to the lava he felt like his skin was melting.

"I probably would have stayed longer. But it was me and my wife, and it was time to go."

Now, he says he knows the limits and gets his best shots from the air.

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