Full video changes investigation into road rage incident between cab, Uber driver

Full video changes investigation into road rage incident between cab, Uber driver
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police now have a longer version of the video that captured an apparent road rage incident between a Charley's Taxi driver driver and an Uber driver one week ago, Hawaii News Now has learned.

The cab driver, who didn't want her name used, told HNN Tuesday that she was just driving a group of Japanese tourists in Waikiki when an Uber driver cut her off, showed her the finger, then waved a knife out the window.

She claimed it was a bolo knife and that the act was meant to intimidate her.

The video that Charley's Taxi provided HNN was edited, and started right as the Uber driver's Genesis pulled in front of the cab.

When the news story aired, HPD had not been told that there was video and requested the full video, including the minutes preceding from Charley's Taxi.

HPD got the video but the company has refused to provide the additional minutes to HNN.

Multiple police sources say the longer version of the video shows that the cab driver actually started the apparent road rage and almost hit the Uber driver.

The Uber driver also reported that it wasn't a knife that he was waving out of his window, but his cell phone with the purpose of showing the driver he was now recording.

HNN reached out to the spokesman for Charley's Taxi after police sources say the video showed their driver was the aggressor, and asked if a follow-up interview with the driver could be arranged.

The spokesman said, "At this time, the police are investigating and have asked Charley's for the full video as evidence. Since the UBER driver is providing conflicting accounts, Charley's will be letting the police handle this matter going forward and will not be able to provide the video requested."

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