Additional lane on Moanalua freeway in Halawa eliminates merge, easing p.m. commute

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Westbound drivers no longer have to merge when heading west on the Moanalua Freeway at the bottom of Red Hill.

The Department of Transportation re-striped the road, adding an additional late as it merges with the H-1.

DOT believes this adds 20%capacity saving time for commuters at a cost of $4.6M and 20 months.

"This is a project that we delivered in a different way" says Ed Sniffen, "If we had widened the freeway to add this lane, it's $285M and it would be a minimum of six years while we get our environmental clearances, while we design it and while we construct it."

But a warning for drivers, the lanes are tight, hugging the concrete barrier.

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