Local Connection: Kaniela Ing's Resume

Local Connection: Kaniela Ing's Resume
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

Last week, we reported that state representative and congressional candidate Kaniela Ing apologized because his LinkedIn page erroneously said he had a masters degree from UH.

Ing claims that a fluke of the website caused the mistake seven years ago, and that his efforts to correct the record over the years were unsuccessful.

For a young man who aspires to represent Hawaii in congress to claim he was incapable of changing his Linked-In page is even harder to fathom than the governor not knowing his twitter password.

Whether you believe Ing or not, this was a transgression that in an earlier era would have been extremely damaging to his political career.

But in a time when the President of the United States is suspected of affairs with a playmate and a pornstar, and the governor of Missouri charged with sexual extortion, Ing's puffed up resume seems quaint.

Regardless of what is happening with politicians on the mainland, we should continue to hold our politicians to high standards of honestly and character. Even when other leaders have so dramatically lowered the bar.

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