Movie Review: ISLE OF DOGS

A new animated feature film called ISLE OF DOGS is aimed more at adults than kids.

But its brand of humor is not for everyone.

The 9 feature films by talented but eccentric director Wes Anderson are examples of odd humor. I call them aggressively weird. They're amusing but not laugh out loud funny.

ISLE OF DOGS is a stop motion puppet animation that tells a whimsical story about a group of dogs who have been forced live on a deserted island off the coast of Japan.  Hollywood actors  Byran Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray,  Scarlet Johansson, and many others, provide their voices.

Narrator: The Japanese archipelago, 20 years into the future. Canine saturation has reached epidemic proportions. An outbreak of dog flu rips through the city of Megasaki. Mayor Kobayashi issues emergency orders, calling for a hasty quarantine. Trash Island becomes an exile colony. The Isle of Dogs.

On Trash Island dogs of all types, from strays to pampered pets, are forced to survive on whatever they can find.

Rex: I don't think I can stomach any more of this garbage.

Another dog: Words out of my mouth.

Bryan Cranson speaks for Chief, the stray who takes charge.

Chief: Nobody's giving up around here and don't you forget it.

The idiosyncratic Anderson is obsessed with symmetry, and his humor is always droll. If you like this scene, where two groups of dogs are poised to fight over a dropped bag of garbage, chances are you'll appreciate ISLE OF DOGS.

Rex, voiced by Edward Norton, is the most reasonable dog.

Rex: Wait a second. Before we attack each other and tear ourselves to shreds like a pack of maniacs, let's just open the sack first and see what's actually in it. it might not even be worth the trouble.

(The bag is ripped open.)

Rex: Rancid apple core….

Chief: Okay it's worth it.

( The two groups of dogs fight in cloud of dirt.)

The main storyline of ISLE OF DOGS focuses on a young boy who crash lands on Trash Island. He's there to look for his dog.

Chief: We'll find him. wherever he is. If he's alive, we'll find your dog.

Twenty-seven animators worked on this film, and they did a wonderful job. But the slow pace of the film is a drawback. I had a hard time staying awake.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.