As floodwaters rose and fell, Kauai residents connected on social media

As floodwaters rose and fell, Kauai residents connected on social media

HANALEI, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - As floodwaters rose on Kauai and as they receded, residents took to social media to tell the story.

The Hawaii News Now digital team looked at scores of social media posts from storm-ravaged areas.

One of the most shared images of the severe weather event is this view from Hanalei's saturated mountain peaks.

And this image of a buffalo that got loose during the storm is trending on both Instagram and Facebook.

(FYI: The buffalo was reportedly recaptured.)

This dramatic image of a Hanalei home destroyed by floodwaters has more than 4,000 shares on Hawaii News Now's Facebook page alone.

The family that was staying in this home reportedly got out safely and had to stay at a neighboring house overnight Saturday. Their rental car was also swept away.

The full scope of the damage is not yet known, but by searching #Hanalei on social media it's easy to see that damage is extensive.

Hanalei got at least 28.15 inches of rain over the 24-hour period, damaging dozens of homes and stranding whole communities.

With roadways washed out, trapped flood victims resorted to using Jet Skis and stand-up paddleboards to get around.

More than 150 people have been airlifted out of flood-ravaged Kauai communities.

Much of Downtown Hanalei was underwater Sunday.

Authorities did celebrate a win Monday: Kuhio Highway near the Hanalei Bridge following repairs, allowing much-needed supplies to get into the community and those trapped since the rain started Sunday to get out.

One Instagram user reported furniture from flood ravaged homes being pushed all the way down to the beach in Hanalei.

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