Movie Review: A QUIET PLACE

A new horror film called A QUIET PLACE features blind monsters that attack any people they can hear. "If they hear you, they hunt you," that's the unusual premise of this tense, scary movie about a family trying to survive after blind monsters have wiped out much of the world's population.

That premise has led to a clever film with very little dialogue and a very creative sound design.

SOT: Monster attacks boy playing with noisy toy

The best scenes are truly scary. And the tension never lets up for the entire film as we dread the prospect that one of these family members will make a sound that brings them all under attack.

(a lantern is knocked over, and the family cowers as they hear monsters right outside)

John Krasinski directs the film and stars as Lee, the husband and father desperately trying to protect his family. Krasinski's real life wife, Emily Blunt, co-stars. The two kids are played by Noah Jupe and the wonderful deaf actress Millicent Simmonds.

The humanity of this family elicits our sympathy. They do everything they can to keep quiet, even using sign language for most of their communication.

But you may wonder why they don't think of more effective ways of protecting themselves in the isolated farmhouse where they're staying.

Why, for example, would Blunt's character allow herself to get pregnant? My guess is just so that the filmmakers can ratchet up the intensity as she tries to keep from screaming when she goes through the birthing process and then has to deal with the impossible task of keeping a baby from crying.

Most of the scary set pieces are terrifying although sometimes Kraskinski can't resist using horror film cliches. And he occasionally overdoes last second reprieves for damsels in distress much like in the silent films of a century ago.

The bottom line is that if you like grueling films that keep you tense from start to finish and you're willing to overlook logical flaws in the story, chances are you'll appreciate A QUIET PLACE.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.