Jury finds former beauty queen guilty on new fraud counts

Jury finds former beauty queen guilty on new fraud counts

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A former beauty queen at the center of one of Honolulu's largest identity thefts in 2011 has been convicted on new charges.

After just a few hours of deliberation, a Honolulu jury convicted Susan Shaw of computer fraud and credit card fraud.

Shaw was on parole when she padded customers' bills while she was a waitress in Downtown Honolulu last year to inflate her tips.

Investigators say Shaw stole from at least 105 customers during a four-month period, taking about $700.

In the previous case, the former "Miss Hawaii International" stole about $200,000, stealing information to obtain credit cards.

Honolulu Deputy Prosecutor Chris Van Marter prosecuted both cases.

During this week's trial, Van Marter told the jury that she was inputting inflated numbers on the tip line to beef up her tips — just a few dollars each time that added up.

After the guilty verdict came down, he told Hawaii News Now that Shaw needs to be locked up to protect the public from her manipulative ways.

"Needs to be held accountable for the slightest of thefts, otherwise she'll keep doing it," Van Marter says, "This was not a large case in terms of dollar loss but it's a defendant who has a history of financial crimes and taking advantage of people."

Shaw's attorney, Thomas Otake, argued it was all a mistake. Otake said penmanship was the problem and that there were 3,000 transactions and only 105 had issues. He called it human error.

Shaw is currently in jail for violating parole.  She faces five years behind bars for each of the new counts. Her sentencing is set for June.

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