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Study: Tiger sharks in Hawaii may be attracted to Maui's shallow waters

(Image: Wikimedia Commons) (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

There's a new study that provides insight into the behavior of tiger sharks in Hawaii. 

According to this new report, larger tiger sharks in Hawaii may be attracted to the Valley Isle's shallow waters.

From 2013-2015, 41 tiger sharks total were capture around Maui while just 15 sharks were spotted off Oahu.

Over the last six years, researchers tagged 96 sharks and tracked their swimming and feeding patterns.

They found that the predators were detected more often at popular ocean recreation sites around Maui than Oahu, which increases the chance of an encounter with a human. 

It may also be the reason why Maui has seen twice as many shark incidents than Oahu over the past twenty years, the report says.

Just this week, the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve was closed due to a shark sighting.

Scientists say their data also shows that large tiger sharks visited ocean recreation sites almost daily from 2013 through 2015.

The good news: The sharks appear to be disinterested in humans and may be actively avoiding them.

"Satellite tracking revealed that each shark had unique home range characteristics but there were several common themes of space and habitat use among individuals," the report said.

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