Foodie Fix: National Grilled Cheese Day

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's time for your Foodie Fix with your top headlines with Frolic Hawaii. Today, we're talking about national grilled cheese day. But first, we start with our number 3 headline of the week and that is all about Fat Kid Friday going to the dogs.

Uncle Glenn's Hawaiian Food, formally known as Hale Pops in Kaneohe, is known for their Hawaiian plate lunch, but we went for the 14 inch all beef hot dogs with over the top, they're loaded hot dogs. In a lot of ways, it starts with a strong base. what kind of bread and bun do they use. they have a toasted french roll so not your normal hot dog buns.

In our number 2 headline of the week, it's all about the upcoming natto feast. Natto is a fermented soy bean that has a sticky distinct texture. A little gooey on the outside. A little stringy, but the natto feast is coming up.

Our number 1 headline of the week. It's national grilled cheese day. There are some great places on Maui. The lobster grilled cheese from Down The Hatch on Maui. At $22 it's an expensive sandwich, but it's loaded with fresh lump crab and lobster and lots of seafood in every bite. They don't skimp on the meat. This is a hearty rich decadent kind of grilled cheese. and it's topped with a spicy aioli sauce too. On Kauai, they have some delicious grilled cheese as well. From Porky's Cart in Waimea, Hanapepe and Kapaa they have kalua pork grilled cheese that has shredded kalua pork sauteed onions, muenster and havarti cheese in between toasted cheesy bread and it's served with bbq sauce so you gt that smoky savory flavor.

Back here on Oahu at MAC 24/7, they always have the mac and cheese and they have kicked it up a huge notch by making it into this grilled cheese. They have a double decker grilled cheese, which has 3 slices of grilled bread, then it's also the mac and cheese and then they add to that as well. Yes this has 7 cheese in and of itself. They also added cheddar and swiss and it comes with a tomato dipping sauce which is like their tomato soup.

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