Local Connection: MMA in Hawaii

Local Connection: MMA in Hawaii
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

The popularity of MMA fighting and the success of Hawaii fighters such as Max Holloway would make Hawaii a great place to hold an event.

But the recent drama emanating from the company that dominates the sport, UFC, has to make you wonder if the organization has the maturity to pull it off.

First of all the UFCs demand for six million dollars to put on the event -- more than Hawaii has ever paid for a pro-bowl -- was absurd.  It was also apparently non-negotiable. That's not a negotiation, that's a shakedown.

The organization also doesn't seem to be able to keep its fights confined to the cage. Even if it was not to blame for former Champion Conor McGregor's caught on tape violence, the UFC took another major blow to its image.

There was further disappointment for fans when doctors told Holloway he could not fight in the title fight because he was trying to lose weight too quickly.

This may just be a bump in the road for the huge MMA franchise. But, regardless, next time it approaches Hawaii for a deal it might try a little more respectful approach.

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