FCC Recommendations For HiEMA And Missile Alerts

The FCC is recommending a number of changes in Hawaii's emergency alert system. A state warning officer sent out the ballistic missile alert --thinking it was a real emergency.

A supervisor added the words "this is not a drill" during a simulated warning from the military.... which was a deviation from the regular procedure.  The FCC is now recommending those words not be used in exercise messages. It also said HiEMA made a false alarm more likely by having too many drills...and not using separate systems for drills and real alerts.

Investigators say a drill should never have happened without a supervisor watching--and pointed out deficiencies in HiEma's alert origination software--which lacked safeguards to prevent such mistakes.
Another item from the report: The training protocol for the missile was converted from a warning for falling debris, like a disabled satellite.

The report also noted that the phrase "This is not a drill" has quote "regrettable resonance in Hawaii. The same phrase was used on December 7th, 1941, when a US Naval officer sent out the notice of the Japanese attack that said ""AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR  THIS IS NOT DRILL."
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