Business Report: A closer look at workplace drug tests

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Four times a year, Diagnostic Laboratory Services issues a report on the collective results of workplace drug tests. DLS does thousands of drug tests per quarter, more than anybody else. Many are tests of workers in sensitive drugs; a much larger number of tests are given to job APPLICANTS. I'm reporting separately on changes from the fall quarter to the winter quarter. This time, look at testing positive, as a percentage of total tests.

The most common positive test is for THC, the business ingredient in marijuana. In the winter quarter, 3% of all tests were positive for THC. Please note fewer than 1% were positive for amphetamines, opiates or cocaine. Slightly over 1% tested positive for synthetic urine, used by people trying to beat tests.

One more thing to know about DLS - it is their policy, whenever any tests turns out positive for ANYTHING, to do the test a second time.

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