Movie Review: FLOWER

The new movie called FLOWER begins as a quirky comedy about reckless and funny 17 year old girl who thinks she knows everything, but the film becomes a lot more serious toward the end.

Girlfriend (She spots man in bowling alley.): Hey, hot old guy is back.

Erica: He's so hot.

Girlfriend: He's old enough to be your dad.

What I like best about FLOWER is the star making performance of of Zoey Deutch as Erica, a rebellious, sexually active teenage girl whose outrageous behavior and vivacious personality keep everyone, including herself, from seeing who she really is.

(A girl trips Erica)

Girl: Babe, are you OK?

Erica: I really wanna punch you in the face right now. I just don't want to ruin those lip injections Daddy gave you.

Girl: At least my Dad is not in jail.

(Erica punches her in the face.)

Erica lives with her mom, Laurie, who's played by the always wonderful comic actress, Kathryn Hahn. And to say that Erica is a handful for her mom and her mom's newest live in boyfriend, Bob, is an understatement. Making things even more challenging is Bob's mentally unstable son, Luke, who's just gotten out of drug rehab and is coming to live with them.

Bob: So, Erica, you must be psyched to have an older brother type in the house?

Erica: Totally psyched. Get to have a complete stranger living in my home. No offense, buddy.

Laurie and Erica act more like sisters than mother and daughter. Laurie wants her daughter to say something nice to Luke and they tussle about it.

Mom: It would just make my life so much easier.

Erica: He looks like he should smoke crazy bad.

Mom: Still not helping.

Erica: but he doesn't…..and he has nice eyes.

(they waggle tongues at each other, laughing)

Mom: Did she say something nice about somebody?

Erica: Shh, don't tell any body.

But the plot changes when Erica learns that Luke accused a former teacher of fondling him. When that turns out to be the guy she was attracted to in the bowling alley, she hatches a plan to entrap and expose him.

I won't reveal her plan or its aftermath but I will say what happens changes the tone of the movie completely and that Erica forges a bond with her new step brother and begins to recover some of the innocence and vulnerability she lost when her father went to prison.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.