Kupuna Achievers: Kumu Carolee Nishi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We are honoring an auntie who believes giving is everything. Kumu Carolee Nishi, has been volunteering for the YMCA's Hawaiian Studies program for years.

"It is everything Hawaiian studies... it could be history but we focus mainly on the dance... the hula... the Auana ... and we do a lot of ukulele "

And she truly believes "sharing is caring" and simply is the "Hawaiian way."

"there is a word called ha'awi - Ha'awi means to give... when you give... I think Hawaiian style... you just give... you don't look for something in return...

Many call her, Auntie Carolee. She's known for her enthusiasm in teaching others... her gentle and kind spirit... and many appreciate her vast knowledge in the Hawaiian culture.

" but it has been 50 years since I actually started with this particular hui ..."

Her students are her pride and joy and she says they're helping to preserve Hawai'i's historical past. And it's a gift to see them keep the culture alive.

"I am so proud of that because they want people who understand the history ... the knowledge... in a bigger way ... than just saying I can do the hula."

And through each and every one of her students.... her legacy will be passed down to generations to come.

"to the children know everything that you can know... take it all in ... never stop learning..."

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