Welcome to the digital age, where receipts are only getting longer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Have you ever left the checkout counter with a scroll instead of proof of purchase?

You're not alone.

In 2018, we have computers that fit in our pockets, self-driving cars and plans to head to Mars.

But we haven't figured out that whole irking receipt thing. In fact, it's gotten worse.

One recent receipt for the purchase of 10 items at a drug store was a whopping 5 feet — yes, 5 feet! — long.


HNN's digital team went looking for answers — and found that a lot of shoppers were just as puzzled about the extra long printouts as we are.

Longs Drugs in Hawaii has gained a reputation of whipping out some gigantic receipts, though the chain certainly isn't the only one.

Outside Longs in Downtown Honolulu on a recent weekday, shopper Tony Russo couldn't help but be appalled at the length of his receipt.

"This is a terrible waste of resources," he said.

Some shoppers have even taken to social media to show off their big bills of sale.

And one guy was so inspired he dressed as CVS receipt for Halloween.

The issue has even been the butt of jokes on late night.

Earlier this year, Jimmy Kimmel asked President Obama if he do something about "excessively" long receipts.

According to Adweek, U.S. retailers use 1.4 billion pounds to print paper receipts each year.

The magazine says it's because many retailers still view paper receipts as a marketing tool.

CVS Health, parent company to Longs, says there are no plans to change the size of its receipts.

"CVS Health is committed to reducing our climate-related impacts, including through our thousands of retail pharmacies and our growing supply chain," the company said, in a statement provided to HNN.

"That means delivering on enterprise programs that embed environmental sustainability in our business operations. A key example of this is our digital receipt program, which launched in 2016."

If you don't want to go digital, there's always receipt origami.

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