State's first electric bus ready for test run on Maui

State's first electric bus ready for test run on Maui

MAUI (Hawaii News Now) - Hawaii's first-ever electric bus will be on Maui this week for a three-day test run.

Officials say the 40-foot, zero-emission Proterra Catalyst bus completed a one-month trial run on Oahu and will now go for a test run along different Maui Bus routes in Upcountry, West and South Maui.

"It's a very quiet bus and the only thing you can really hear while riding it is the air conditioning," said Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa, in a statement. "We are excited at the possibility of making cleaner modes of public transportation available for our riders. Mahalo to Proterra for making their bus available to us for this short testing period."

Proterra prides itself on its all-electric buses that can adapt to a number of urban and rural routes. The company also said its buses have lower maintenance costs as they do not require oil changes or replacements to the engine, fuel system and cooling system.

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