Hawaii movie 'Kuleana' opens with cast and crew Q&A

The award-winning film "Kuleana" -- produced entirely in Hawaii -- opens tomorrow statewide. Members of the cast and crew will be at select screenings tomorrow and Saturday night. Joining us now are writer and director Brian Kohne, and star of the film, Moronai Kanekoa. What inspired the creation of KULEANA?

As a five-year old living in Maalaea on Maui, I'd witness the annihilation of Kaho'olawe every day and night. And when I'd ask adults what's going on, they'd simply say "the Navy is bombing Kaho'olawe for target practice, as though it were ok. As the years wnet on the issue burned a hole in my heart, and as an artist it took some time to figure what I wanted to say about it, and more importantly, how.

I asked Brian also how he picked the cast?  He said, "Talent is ubiquitous in the islands; we simply choose to invest in one another as opposed to looking outside of our culture and community. When an audience starts to get behind works such as KULEANA, they will discover fresh, diverse faces such as Moronai Kanekoa, Sonya Balmores, Vene Chun, Kainoa Horcajo, Kealani Warner, and hundreds of others. Financing is tied to having established actors - so we ourselves need to establish them."

Mo told us how it felt to be a Hawaiian, playing a Hawaiian protagonist in the movie...It start in theatres this weekend!

Go see KULEANA in theatres starting tomorrow March 30, 2018 in a theater near you.

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