Local Connection: Mahalo Melveen Leed

Let's take a moment to appreciate Melveen Leed for the 50+ years she has been entertaining and serving Hawaii.

Since her career began as Miss Molokai in the Miss Hawaii pageant in the sixties. Melveen has always been a joyful, sassy presence in the local music scene.

She is tremendously talented – as shown by her many,  many awards. She's a musical  innovator and a genuinely compassionate and friendly person.

Along the way, she has raised more than a million dollars for so many charities and non-profit groups including the American Cancer Society, Salvation Army, Red Cross and the Arthritis Foundation.

This weekend, Melveen was awarded the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pan Pacific Southeast Asian Women Association of Hawaii. The international organization recognizes accomplishments in art, entertainment and humanitarian work.

It is a well deserved accolade for a woman who tirelessly devotes so much of her talent and time to make Hawaii a better place. She is a country girl who made good and continues to make good for all of us.

Mahalo Melveen.

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