Man behind infamous 'Wonder blunder' concert scam sentenced

Man behind infamous 'Wonder blunder' concert scam sentenced
Marc Hubbard (Image: Hawaii News Now/file)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The North Carolina concert promoter who admitted to infamously scamming UH out of $200,000 by lying about his ability to bring Stevie Wonder in for a concert was sentenced to 57 months behind bars on Friday.

Marc Hubbard was also ordered to pay $260,000 in restitution, including $200,000 to the University of Hawaii.

Hubbard faced a maximum of term of 71 months after prosecutors asked federal Judge Leslie Kobayashi for enhanced sentencing. They said that Hubbard obstructed justice in the case by lying under oath when he tried to withdraw his guilty plea earlier in the year.

Hubbard said he was coerced when he pleaded guilty back in 2016 because he was afraid prosecutors would reveal his cooperation against East Coast mobsters. Prosecutors denied he was coerced and said his cooperation was useless.

Kobayashi agreed with prosecutors, and ordered Hubbard to serve the 57-month sentence after completing his current 6 1/2-year sentence for a similar case involving concert fraud in Pennsylvania.

"I apologize to the court," Hubbard said, before his Hawaii sentencing. "I apologize to the people of Hawaii. I really tried to make it happen."

Hubbard's sentencing was postponed several times before the sentencing Friday, and he says he plans to appeal the ruling.

"He really believes he tried his best," said William Harrison, Hubbard's attorney. "And he got defrauded for trying he best. He reached out to people he thought were connected to the Stevie Wonder folks, and they took his money."

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