Makakilo residents wave signs urging drivers to slow down

Makakilo residents waved signs on Friday to urge drivers to slow down (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Makakilo residents waved signs on Friday to urge drivers to slow down (Image: Hawaii News Now)

MAKAKILO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Concerned residents are waiving signs urging drivers to slow down and reminding pedestrians to be extra cautious along Makakilo Drive, where the city removed four marked crosswalks earlier this year.  

Pedestrian signs are still up indicating these are still legal crossing areas, but residents say that has made these intersections even more dangerous due to the confusion it has caused now that the markings on the roadways are gone yet the yellow walk signs remain.

There are no traffic lights at any of these intersections and the distance between the two nearest marked crosswalks is now reportedly about a mile.

The city took out crosswalks at Aoloko, Newa, Nohohale streets and Kinohi Place. Officials say they conducted an engineering study and during their evaluation of the area, they determined marked crosswalks were not justified in these intersections because too few people utilize them.

Many Makakilo residents disagree.

The Makakilo Neighborhood Board adamantly opposed the removal, saying the crosswalks are very busy and should be required since the speed limit is 35 mph on Makakilo Drive, but drivers routinely go faster.

On March 3, a 17-year-old boy was struck by a car walking across Makakilo Drive at Aloloko Street where there was once a crosswalk. He broke his leg and has had to undergo at least two surgeries.

Hawaii News Now has reached out to city officials for additional clarification of their position and is waiting for comment.

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