Nick Rolovich installs Run-and-Shoot offense, shows faith in his quarterbacks to step up

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Head coach Nick Rolovich enters his third season at the helm of the program this Spring but is installing his patented Run-and-Shoot offense this season, which could be a game-changer for Hawaii.

"It feels good," said quarterback Cole McDonald. "I think we were more of a running-based team last year with (running back) Diocemy Saint Juste but this year we're taking a new style of pace and I think it's a good change."

Leading this offense will be a new starting quarterback. For the time being -- until Chevan Cordeiro enters the first string competition this summer -- McDonald, Jeremy Moussa and Kyle Gallup are battling for starting reps.

With more experience under his belt than the other quarterbacks around him, McDonald has the inside track on the starting job this Spring, and will look to keep it as the season rolls on.

"He cares," Rolovich said of McDonald. "He's out there throwing everyday, he's getting his mind right and just trying to rally the troops. So I think he understands that this is a great opportunity for him."

McDonald doesn't expect the starting job to be handed to him, however, and is looking forward to competing while improving as a passer.

"Competition: That's the keyword," McDonald said. "If you're not competing, you're not getting better. If you're stagnant, you stay the same. If you're not moving upward or forward, then you're going sideways and nobody wants to do that."

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