Trending- Cincinnati Coach gets snippy and Salt Lake Elementary kids say mahalo

In What's Trending today, Steve Uyehara shares a clip of Cincinnati Bearcats coach Mick Cronin right after his team was upset during March Madness. And he was not happy at all especially with the reporter asking him questions.

Reporter: "Like you said that wasn't the goal. The goal was the championship. How disappointing was it for you, how hard is it for you to walk away when you know that you didn't get that this year?
Cronin: Hard.
Reporter: How much does it affect you? Does it keep you awake at night?
Cronin: "I didn't go to sleep yet. Did you come up with that question by yourself?" said Cronin. "Call me tomorrow. I'll tell you if it keeps me awake at night. I answered the question. You asked if it kept me awake. I hadn't been asleep yet. Come on, man. You kidding me?"

Yikes! Talk about awkward.

Grace Lee shared pictures she took with Mr. Furumoto's 3rd grade class at Salt Lake Elementary. She read a book to them in February and brought Sunny along. The two also took a quick picture with Mr. Takeguchi's class in the library. Then she shared some of the thank you cards that Mr. Furumoto's students made for her complete with pictures of her and the dog. They were awesome!

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