Red Cross Heroes: John Miller

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Even before coming to the American Red Cross, John Miller served in the United States Military. Part of his duties was assisting and training in emergency preparedness.But he continued to help as a civilian worker in the U.S Pacific Command on the ground in emergencies like the Indian Ocean Tsunami and Hurricane Paka in Guam.

"I've done a lot of training with our military in terms of responding to disasters overseas, so that was kind of a natural fit in working as a, a volunteer with red cross over the last four years or so."

With the American Red Cross, he has expanded his scope, implementing a training program for volunteers -- those that will supplement as staff during large disasters. All that training kicked in during the Marco Polo fire, where John was involved with opening the shelter and helping some 120 people. Iolani School called and said they'd like to offer some of their facilities.

"Up until this point, they had not been on our list of shelters. So I had to do what is known as a quick shelter survey. Meanwhile, the rest of our Red Cross team was handling residents that were being evacuated, making sure their needs were met, and we had that shelter open, like I said, for the next couple days."

That's just a small example of the kind of service that the American Red Cross provides through the training and leadership of one of its volunteers.

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