Business Report: Are businesses experiencing a "reputation bubble"?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Forbes did a feature on a consulting firm that calls itself the Reputation Institute. It measures corporate reputations, and if yours is bad, you can hire them for advice. The "institute" says we have a crisis of trust, a "reputation bubble" that burst. Which made us wonder, which corporate reputations does it rate highest

Rolex 79. - Lego, Google 78 - Canon, Disney, Sony, Adidas 77 - Bosch, BMW, Microsoft, Michelin 76 - Nike, Nintendo 75 - and, at 74, Levi Strauss, Intel, Goodyear, Rolls-Royce, Ferrero, Philips, Bridgestone, Visa, Armani and Amazon.

I wouldn't read too much into this. The reputation of these companies reflects three very different things, social advertising, product quality, and whether they got caught doing anything bad. The "institute" seems to be offering advice for a fee that you could think up on your own: make a good product, and don't break the law, so when people see your commercials they don't snort derisively.

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