The wine effect and symbolism in dreams

Our dream interpreter Paul Unkrur appeared on Sunrise. Bob King had our first one. He said, "Here I am drinking some wine and I want to know how alcohol affects dreams? Does it play a big part, do you forget sometimes what they are? But that would be interesting for me to know."

Dr. Paul said that alcohol often makes you sleepy. For the first 4 or 5 hours in the night, you will probably not dream, but the rest of the night you are more likely to see images. He said this is because as your body metabolizes alcohol, you are more likely to wake up and to remember your dreams. It can also be the reason you are more tired the next day, poor quality of sleep.

Amanda Luning asked, "I've had the re-occurring dream since I was a child, in the backyard of my old house, a cesspool pitcher, on the grass on the ground. I'd have to run and run and run and be fast enough to start lifting off to fly and to get to wherever I wanted to get to, but I knew I had to run and I was never running fast enough. I'd get some traction and I'd get off the ground at some point, but I'd always come back down. "

Dr. Paul said that the cesspool is a symbol of some emotion or emotional event that Amanda has experienced but can't seem to let go. Often dreams are about our own anxieties manifested in strange ways. That inability to do something while you're in your dreams shows that you are worried about it on some level.

Tim asks, "You always talk about the symbolism in dreams. How do you know when a dream is just literal and needs no interpretation vs symbolic and has a deeper meaning?"

Dr. Paul said that it is true. Sometimes your dreams are just a jumble of experiences that you might have had recently. He believes that the symbols are your minds way of dealing with what is in your life without jarring you awake. If the images were too real, it would be too disturbing for you.

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