Walk on the Wild Side, Kidney Early Detection Screening (KEDS), Team Hawaii

Team Hawaii, an enthusiastic group of Transplant Recipients, Donor Families, Living Donors and team supporters, has set its sights on participating in the 2018 Transplant Games of America (TGA) sponsored by the Transplant Life Foundation. The Olympic-style games will be held next year Aug. 2-7 in Salt Lake City (SLC), UT.

The 2018 TGA will be a sentimental journey back to Salt Lake City for the team. The first Team Hawaii meeting was held on April 18,1996 where kidney recipient Martin Hee discussed forming a team to represent Hawaii with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii CEO Glen Hayashida. They decided "YES" they would recruit Transplant Recipients, Donor Families and Living Donors to participate in the games which were being held in SLC. Team Hawaii had just 5 members participating but were determined to travel and compete with other national teams in the transplant games. 5 people made up the first Team Hawaii.

In August 2018, Team Hawaii will come full circle, 22 years later, and participate in the Transplant Games of America back in Salt Lake City, UT again. We have 15 total team members traveling to the games this year.

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