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Here's how far $100 really goes in Hawaii — the priciest state in the nation

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In theory, cost of living calculations are pretty easy. In some places, stuff costs more. In other places, it costs less. 

But in practice, determining cost of living differences for cities and states can get complicated fast — for statisticians and for the rest of us just trying to figure out whether it would be cheaper to live in Tampa or Toledo.

Enter a new handy visualization based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

It looks at how much $100 of goods and rent really costs in every state.

And sorry, Hawaii residents: Stuff costs more here.

How much more? Goods that would set you back $100 on average nationally cost nearly $119 here.

Nowhere else are goods more expensive. 

In New York, you'd pay $115 for the same things and in New Jersey, you'd pay $113.

The cheapest spots: Mississippi, where you'd pay $86, and Alabama, where you'd fork out just a bit more.

If you thought that was bad, the rent calculation is worse.

In Hawaii, $100 worth of rent nationally actually sets you back $163.

The islands were the priciest nationally — pricier than California ($147) and Alaska ($139).

And there were a number of places that were less expensive. The cheapest were Mississippi and Alabama again, both at about $63.

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