Red Cross Heroes: Goldie Brangman Dumpson

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - When Goldie came to Hawaii she already had completed her career as the Director of the School of Anesthesia for Nurses in New York City. As a retiree, she volunteered with the Red Cross full-time. She helped educate residents about HIV and AIDS and taught First Aid, CPR, Child Care, Babysitting and Nurse Assistant Training. She still remembers the day she left New York in 19-87.

"I retired on a Wednesday I will never forget. It was a Wednesday morning. Wednesday afternoon I was on a plane to Hawaii. And I haven't looked back since. I wouldn't live any place else. I couldn't live any place else."

In 1992, Goldie played a major role in securing the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program in Hawaii. She traveled to the neighbor Islands to train a total of 52 registered nurses. Goldie flew to Kauai the morning of Hurricane Iniki and became Shelter Manager for a facility housing 2,000 residents and tourist, and even a goose that she befriended!   Goldie also served on the Hawaii Red Cross Board of Directors.

Goldie Brangman Dumpson is our Red Cross Golden Volunteer Hero.

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