Red Cross Heroes: Marty Moran

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Marty Moran spent most of his adult life as a cop on the mainland. But when 911 happened, a relaxed retirement no longer felt right. So he became a Red Cross volunteer, part of the crew that provides security for Red Cross workers and their supplies and equipment.

"Anything occurs within the United States, if it's gonna be a major disaster, I'm sent out within 12 hours of their deciding to commit."

From his home on the Big Island, Marty gets called out a lot.

"I spent 15 weeks in Katrina - I spent 144 days in Super Storm Sandy in New York - just this last year I spent 15 weeks out - 11 of those were in Houston for Hurricane Harvey."

Marty Moran has been deployed 23 times for 572 deployment days.

"It's very rewarding - working with the people in my unit, they're mostly retired first responders -  high-caliber people - dedicated." (:10)

As a life, safety and asset manager, he literally wrote the book, the newest edition of standard operating procedures. Marty Moran is the Red Cross's Big Island Volunteer of the Year.

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