Whale of a tale! Another whale placenta found off Maui

Whale of a tale! Another whale placenta found off Maui

MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - It seems as though there's something special about the waters near Maui.

Researchers with the Pacific Whale Foundation recovered a second whale placenta in Maui waters Friday.

The most recent whale placenta sighting took place on Feb.17.

Crew and guests aboard the ship were an hour into their voyage when the large buoyant mass was spotted in the ocean four or five miles from Ma'alaea shore.

On Friday, a Redline Rafting vessel was the first to spot the scarlet sheet-like glob and researchers collected as much as they could for data samples.

Researchers have frozen the placenta sample and preserved it for DNA sequencing.

"The next step will be delivering the placenta to a facility that can conduct genetic testing," said PWF Senior Research Biologist, Stephanie Stack in a news release. "That will allow us to confirm if the placenta is humpback whale in origin, which we suspect it is based on its size and this being a known humpback whale calving ground."

Hawaii's whale migrating season, which runs from November to May, peaks in the first three months of the year.

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