Girl who was severely beaten after state returned her to mom gets $450K payout

(Image: Handout)
(Image: Handout)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The state will pay $450,000 to a former Maui girl who was severely beaten after state Child Protective Service workers returned her to her mother.

Twelve years ago, Shari Rodrigues suffered permanent brain and internal injuries after she was beaten by her biological mother's boyfriend.

The state initially took the girl, who was 2 at the time, away from her mother. The girl was then returned.

"CPS dropped the ball because they let a person with a history of beating women and alcohol and drug problems in the house and they didn't monitor him," said the victim's attorney, Michael Green.

Francisco Ramirez was convicted of attempted manslaughter in 2007 and is now serving a minimum 13-year sentence.

But the legal battle over responsibility for Shari's care languished in the courts for a decade before it was settled this year.

Along with the state, her doctor and a Maui shelter will also pay a substantial amount for not doing enough to protect the girl. The terms of those settlements were not disclosed.

The girl now lives on the mainland with her adoptive parents and siblings.

"She's 14 now, she's going to high school next year," said Holly Bell, her adoptive mother. "She'll be in special education classes for the rest of her life because of the brain damage she got during the beating."

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