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Hawaiian Word of the Day: Mahina

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Aloha e na kupa'aina, 'O Laiana Kanoa-Wong keia me ka hua'olelo o ka la. Our Hawaiian word of the day is "Mahina." E 'olelo pu kakou: "Mahina." Eo! The word Mahina refers to our moon, and is also the term used to describe our lunar months. Used in a sentence, "?O Hoku ka mahina i keia po," Meaning "Tonight is the moon phase is Hoku". In traditional times everyone knew the different moon phases including children. This methodology is captured in the mele "Kamali?i ?ike ?ole i ka helu po" a song that is used to teach young children the thirty phases in the Hawaiian lunar calendar from Muku to Mauli. Lets all take time this week to observe and familiarize ourselves with the moon phases. E ola mau ka ?olelo Hawai?i! Aloha.

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