Woman injured by falling coconut tree in Waikiki gets $1M

Woman injured by falling coconut tree in Waikiki gets $1M

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu City Councilmembers voted to settle a lawsuit to provide $1 million to a woman who was injured by a falling coconut tree six years ago.

Ana Sofia Krogh-Doyle, an avid surfer, was hit by part of the tree after it crashed onto the roof of a Kuhio Beach Park restroom in Waikiki, leaving her with fractures in her spine, ribs and face.

The lawsuit said the city failed to keep a nearly 80-foot tree – which was estimated to be more than 75 years old and showing signs of decay – from falling down.

The city said, in a statement, that its contractors continue to monitor its trees.

"The current system for monitoring trees is based on contracts that require independent contractors to trim city trees, while also retaining certified arborists to perform inspections and inform the city if there's a potential issue. The city continues to rely on its contractors to conduct these inspections."

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