With voices like velvet, these 5 Hawaii sisters are blowing up social media

KAHUKU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's the norm not the exception for five-part harmony to ring from the Tonga home in Kahuku, where five sisters break into song at the drop of a note.

"We'll be sitting around and then somebody will start a song and we're all just singing," Tiueti Tonga said.

She and her siblings, Lexi, Lela, Siva and Nini have been singing together forever.

Sia Tonga believes her daughters' voices are gifts to share..

"We've been serving throughout our community, singing whenever we're asked, and grateful for all the times we're asked," she said.

And Ellen Degeneres agrees.

She had the girls on her show Monday, presenting them each with $10,000 for their college educations, and they sang a quick mix of 90s music that brought down the house. Now, they're blowing up on social media

Their Facebook followers top 48,000 already.

"We didn't know that!" they said laughing.

The cellphone video that got Ellen's attention has garnered nine million views ... and climbing. The kicker is that it was shot at a party that Sia had her daughters sing at because she felt it needed music.

The rest, as they say, is history.

"We've been just so overwhelmed. Everybody's been tagging us in the posts and telling us how proud they were of us. We've been feeling so much love."

Offers are now coming from songwriters and TV producers who envision a Tonga Sisters reality show. That took Sia by surprise.

"I thought maybe just the music," Sia said. "We've been approached about doing more than that."

The Tonga Sisters range in age from 20 to 11, and they started singing in church when they were little. They still do.

"We're able to be a light to the world," Siva said.

Now the world knows this sister act is something special.

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