Maui County officials ask residents to report flood damage

Maui County officials ask residents to report flood damage

WAILUKU, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui County officials are trying to get the full scope of damages brought on by the Feb.18th flash floods and they are requesting the help of residents.

Residents who sustained home or property damage after the flash flood are being asked to fill out an assessment form on the Maui County website.

Individuals and businesses are asked to report damages to the County of Maui Emergency Management Agency. The data collected will allow County officials determine whether certain districts require state or federal assistance.

The information will also help to bolster future floodplain mapping.

Residents should note that the completion of a damage assessment survey is not the same thing as an application for assistance, those with damages will still need to file claims with their insurance companies.

Those who need more information can contact the Maui Civil Defense Agency at 808-270-7285.

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