'Humanity Star' to jet over Hawaii in early March

'Humanity Star' to jet over Hawaii in early March

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii has some of the best stargazing in the nation.

But in about a week, you'll be able to spot something decidedly manmade in the night sky. And for a short period, it will be brighter than the stars around it.

It's called the Humanity Star, and it's a small satellite launched with the sole purpose of spurring people to look up and "ponder humanity's place within the universe."

You'll have the best chance of seeing the Humanity Star up above on March 6.

It will be visible for about five minutes. By Friday, a window of when to view the satellite will be available.

The Humanity Star was launched in January and is set to orbit the Earth for about nine months before it's pulled into Earth's gravity and burns up on re-entry.

The "star" is actually a geodesic sphere made with 76 very reflective panels. The sphere spins rapidly, reflecting the sun's light back to Earth.

And it's tiny: Just 3 feet high.

It's not clear whether the Humanity Star will be viewable again in Hawaii before it falls back down to Earth. And once it's gone, it's gone. The group behind Humanity Star say this is a "one-time, short-term experience."

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