All new Hawaii drivers licenses will now bear a gold star

All new Hawaii drivers licenses will now bear a gold star

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Residents who want to use their drivers license or state ID to board a flight need to have a gold star by 2020.

The Department of Homeland Security has required that all state licenses and IDs that comply with REAL ID standards have a gold star in a circle on it by October 1, 2020. Identification with the new addition will be necessary to board flights and enter federal buildings.

Hawaii residents began seeing the emblem on their licenses and state IDs on January 16, indicating that their identification matched up with the new Federal guidelines.

Hawaii is one of several states that's been in line with previous DHS standards, but anyone who does not have a gold star on their license will have to get the new ID before October of 2020.

Originally, DHS said that the encircled gold star wasn't mandatory as long as states adhered to marking requirements for non-compliant credentials. Recently however, the Department of Human Services decided that the emblem is now required as a way to help federal agencies identify REAL ID compliant documents.

After October 1, 2020, Hawaii residents will not be able to board planes using their drivers license or state ID if they haven't been updated.

To get a gold star drivers license, drivers must bring one of the following documents to their local Department of Motor Vehicles office; either a U.S. birth certificate or passport, an un-laminated social security card, and a government-issued marriage certificate for married women who changed their names.

Drivers will also need to being two pieces of mail with their address listed, like a utility bill.

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