Business Report: Which countries have the best Internet service?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The research firm Open Signal measured fourth quarter 4G download latency in 88 countries. It did 58 billion measurements of download speed in megabits per second. The top nations for 4G speed: Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, and South Korea have speeds above 40 megabits per second. Hungary comes close. No USA yet. What about the top 20?

Okay, we've got latencies above 30 megabits per second in Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Denmark, Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Romania. What? Still no USA? Where IS America on this list?

We're 62nd! With 16 megabits per second latency. Half the 4G speed of Serbia! If only we had the same 4G speed they have in Macedonia!

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