Frolic Foodie Fix: Pineapple char siu bao wins Instagram contest

For this week's Foodie Fix, we posted 4 local dishes on Frolic Hawaii and Hawaii News Now's Instagram pages. We asked you to vote for your favorite. First up, La Tour Cafe's late winter flat bread pizza special with orange and purple cauliflower, spinach, button mushrooms, roasted fennel garlic cream and fennel fronds. Then from Home Bar, Negitoro which is ahi poke in a green onion sauce with sliced onions, micro shiso and crunchy bubu arare. Choice C - Senia's chicken liver mousse with honey vinegar and "everything spice" financiers. Last up, is Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery's pineapple crust char siu bao.

And the winner is, the pineapple char siu bao which was shot by Frolic contributor Melissa Chang. She picked up some fresh buns and brought them to the Sunrise set. These are more difficult to make and are only available by special order. They're also up for sale around Chinese New Year.

Melissa said that they're a bit harder to make than the regular char siu buns. They start the same, but after baking them a bit, an extra crust is added. It's a combination of flour, sugar, lard and butter which means it's extra delicious. An egg wash is brushed on top to give it a golden yellow color and an extra crispness to the top. While it's called pineapple crusted, there is no fruit in this dish. The name comes from the yellow color of the delightful treat.

The picture that won was stuffed with char siu, but the ones brought on set had custard inside. Melissa believes that her order may have been lost in translation. Lucky for us, it was just as delightful.

Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery is at 1027 Maunakea Street in Honolulu. To watch the segment, go to and for more on the bao from Melissa go to

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