Local Connection: Fighting Fire with (Gun) Fire

Local Connection: Fighting Fire with (Gun) Fire

Once again the nation was called to pray for innocent lives snuffed out by a killer operating from some twisted view of himself and the world.

In this case perhaps there will be opportunities to learn about the mentality of one of these killers – because he survived.

But there are already signs that this was a tragedy that might have been averted at some point.

We were reminded that we need to take seriously social media and other messages that might indicate a person heading is heading over the edge.

We are asking how any state could allow a person too young to buy a beer to purchase for himself a high-powered, semi-automatic rifle.

And finally – how could extensive police contacts and years of mental health treatment not show up in a background check for that purchase.

But with all that, the calls for gun control inspired by this tragedy are already being rebuffed by gun rights groups. They are saying the schools should have armed security.

That amounts to saying the solution to having so many guns in circulation – is to put more guns on campus.

That logic is a sad example of why our polarized nation seems incapable of solving challenges – even as more and more of our children fall victim.

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