Man convicted in murder-for-hire plot denied parole

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parole was denied Friday for the man convicted of trying to hire hit men to murder his ex-wife's new husband.

Anthony Mark Albert was arrested in 2008, and later sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

On Friday, Albert called in from Arizona trying to convince parole board members he's been locked up long enough.

But the Hawaii Paroling Authority denied his request and Albert will spend at least another nine months behind bars.

His ex-wife said the decision was a relief.

"I have nine more months that I will sleep better in my bed, that I can do my job without constant fear," she said.

Albert's ex-wife and his son asked their names to be kept confidential.

"He was saying that he's changed and he's a good role model as a prisoner," his son said.

"Just hearing his words, it brings back memories that are very scary."

One of the men Albert tried to hire was a confidential informant and the other was an undercover officer.

Video of the undercover operation from 2007 shows the hidden camera pointed at Albert.

"I can give you like 100 bucks tonight but I don't have the big cash on me," Albert told the undercover officer.

Albert told the officer he wanted to get back at his ex-wife by killing the man she now loved.

"I can drive by the house on the way back or on the way out there so you can see where he lives. And then you can kind of take it from there," Albert said in the video.

Albert was convicted of solicitation to commit murder in 2014.

Friday was his first attempt at an early release. Media were barred from the hearing, but the prosecutor said Albert still denies the crime.

"Parole has always been privilege and not a right. So, in this case, Mr. Albert has not earned that privilege by completing his programs and he's not shown through his character of taking responsibility for his actions," Prosecutor Chad Kumagai said.

According to the Kumagai, Albert has never admitted to guilt and he continues to believe he was framed by the Honolulu Police Department.

The executive director of the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence said the Hawaii Paroling Authority did the right thing.

"When you consider the fact that this man terrorized this family for over a period of years, and even though he's been in jail for 10 years now, the fear for the family is very real and palpable," Stacey Moniz said.

Albert's attorney did not return Hawaii News Now's request for comment.

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