Headed to Kaimuki for a bite? Parking just got a little harder to find

KAIMUKI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Headed to Kaimuki? Brace yourself for the parking wars.

The city has closed off municipal parking lot no. 2 (located at Koko Head and 12th avenues) for repaving work. It's set to reopen in mid-March.

And that means parking in the area — already at a premium — is poised to get downright nightmarish.

"It took us about 20 minutes to find a stall," said Kaneohe resident Jordan Camara, who stopped in Kaimuki for lunch on Friday.

"We came at like noon, which I know is rush hour, but I find it annoying."

The public is being asked to avoid the area if possible.

And that's bad news for mangers like Kristen Sanchez, who has managed the Koa Pancake house for 10 years.

On Friday afternoon, the restaurant that's usually packed for lunch was nearly empty.

"There's no parking and there's also customers parking across the street and getting cited, because they are parking on the grass and the sidewalks just to come have something to eat," she said.

The city distributed 200 flyers to area businesses and residents to prepare them for the project.

Construction is set for Mondays through Fridays, from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

A more comprehensive project to repave all of the pavement at the lot is scheduled to start in spring 2019.

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