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This Valentine's Day, many are giving up something — rather than receiving

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By Samantha Brooks
HNN Spring Intern

Hold off on the Valentine’s Day chocolates. Lent beginning Wednesday may affect your gift giving decisions. 

Social media was abuzz with users sounding off about their plans for the Christian observance, a 40-day period during which observers typically give up something to show their dedication to God.

Many vowed to forsake the typical items, like sugary drinks, meat and social media.

According to, thousands of Catholics have pledged to go vegan for lent.

One Twitter user sent out this message with #LentenSeason: “Fasting not only with foods, but words and actions.”

Others sounded off with their plans to remove negative language or hurtful thoughts from their lives.

Lent is also a time to bring order to a person’s hectic life. Through limiting budgets and decluttering the home, observers say, people can build a clearer and more stable foundation in which to lead their faith.

Meanwhile, some Christians opted to give rather than take away during this season.

Users on Facebook pledged to pay it forward and donate to local charities during this time of observation and reflection.

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