Trending - Russian spy and wind nearly ruins slopestyle competition

Howard Dicus offered this as his trending story of the day. A complicated and weird spy story has been broken by the New York Times. A guy with ties to Russian intelligence, offers two kinds of secrets. He offers information on stolen National Security Agency hacker tools – AND dirt on President Donald Trump. NSA badly wants to know how much of its hacker software has been stolen. The CIA is suspicious, thinking, this is a plot to make it look like we're out to get Trump. So they tell the guy, we're interested in the NSA stuff, not the Trump stuff. The Russian spoke to the Times and showed samples of Trump dirt. 
The Times says it seemed drawn entirely from news reports. A businessman acting as intermediary gave the guy $100,000. But he never came across with the NSA intelligence. The U.S. side finally told him to go back to Russia and stay there if he values his freedom.

Steve Uyehara had some news from the Winter Olympics. First off, congratulations to American Jamie Anderson. She won gold in the Women's snowboarding slopestyle competition. But as great as she was, the competition seemed anti-climactic. If you watched, you know the wind REALLY affected the competitors. Only five of the 25 riders actually completed their first runs.The rest either bailed on their jumps, wiped out or just did not land cleanly. And those that limited their mistakes went super conservative. For instance, Anderson was supposed to hit a 900. which is basically 2 and a half 360 degree spins in a row. Instead she felt the wind and decided to pull back and landed a 540.

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