Dow dives, Coach Pederson's good catch, shirtless Tongan and Space rave

The Dow Jones industrial has been extremely volatile dropping more than a thousand points. Howard Dicus said that the conventional wisdom would tell you that everyone is losing money. Think of all those 401K's. But here's another way of looking at it. 84% all stock owned by Americans is owned by the wealthiest 10% of households. And, yes, that's counting pensions and retirement accounts and college savings programs. Half of all U.S. households own no stock at all, either directly or indirectly. One other thing: 35% of all U.S. corporate stock is foreign-owned. As recently as the 1980's it was only 10%. The only thing I would worry about is some CEO protecting his bonuses as his company's shares tumble by announcing layoffs. THAT would have more real world consequences.

Steve Uyehara shared some video circulating in social media of the huge parade for the Philadelphia Eagles who just won Super Bowl LII. Someone in the crowd threw a beer to head coach Doug Pederson while he was passing by. And he caught it, easily! It was awesome.

The tiny nation of Tonga is making a big impression at this year's Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony. When Pita Taufatofua stepped into the stadium as a flag bearer for his country, his oiled shirtless torso got a lot of attention, Grace Lee pointed out. Most people were wrapped in big coats since the temperatures were in the 20's. Taufatofua was in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil because he did the same thing but in much warmer temperatures. That time he was competing in Taekwondo. He lost in the first round, but gained a lot of fans. He decided he wanted to come back to the Olympics, but he didn't want to wait 4 years. So he quit his job to train as a cross country skier even though he had never seen snow. And he qualified. What did he have to say about the grueling sport? "Every time I ski I die a little bit inside".

Steve Aoki is famous for his DJ skills. This time, Dan Cooke shows us how he is able to do this with zero gravity. He held a rave with people bouncing off the walls, spun upside down and around. It was some incredible video.

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