Jazz Legend Chick Corea at Blue Note Hawaii

Chick Corea is a jazz/jazz fusion legend. He's performing at Blue Note Hawaii this weekend in Waikiki. But he'll also be sharing his expertise with young performers in high school and college.... 
In an interview with Hawaii News Now, Corea said that, "an artist needs to be confidence in his view of the world. his sowns sense of things, time, what he wants to do how he wasnt to communicate.. that seemns to be a struggle... for young people growing up, you call it you find yourself, but really, there you are.. you just need to work out how to get your taste and opinion and imagination confidently presented."

Corea performs at Blue Note Hawaii, February 8-11, 2018.  It's part of the "Jazz Legends Series," which is sponsored by Hawaii News Now. He'll be there tonight through Sunday! here's a preview of his show!
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