Local Connection: Missile Alert Mistake Political Impact

The false missile alert was a trauma for this state, and the aftermath could be politically fatal to Governor Ige.

As damaging new information seemed to come out almost daily over the last two weeks, we learned the governor knew the alert was false within two minutes, but took another 15 minutes to get the word out to the public.

That is evidence of almost incomprehensible personal incompetence.

Perhaps his own bungling made him overly protective of emergency officials. Instead of getting angry and getting to the bottom of what happened he just seemed to wish it away. He ignored it in his State of the State speech, then waited with the rest of us for the results of state and federal investigations into his own department.

Because he coddled his appointees, he looked foolish when it became clear that there was widespread mismanagement of the agency and its leaders had to resign.

Legislative anger over this and other nationwide embarrassments – like the Randall Saito escape – will lead to continuous investigations and hearings.

There are a lot of opinions about this Governor. One newspaper columnist says he is the worst governor we've ever had. But the most important judgement will come soon from voters in the august primary.

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