Business Report: The explanations for the gender pay gap

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Women tended to work in lower paying professions. They took time off for babies. They didn't put in the hours that men did. I even remember one guy saying women were hired for their looks, so their skills were lacking. But it's been decades since we collectively realized how big gender pay gaps were. Men and women have addressed all those issues, and more men become househusbands. Yet the gender pay gap remains. And not only that. An EEOC report says almost 49% of gender discrimination contain an allegation of retaliation.

In other words, you complain about unequal pay and suddenly you're getting bad personnel reviews. Discrimination is wrong, and that is understandably the focus of such discussions. But let's not forget the second problem: leaving all that talent untapped.

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